L2. Sloppy 2nd's

(4.I'd Hit That

Sunday Sept 24 9am

3. Screwballs

4. I'd Hit That

Saturday Sept 23 2:30pm

L7. Screwballs

(Loser`s Bracket)

Sunday Sept 24 10:15am

(6. Dirty Ball Bags

2. Just the Tip 

(3. Smokin Aces

Saturday Sept 23 8am

(L10 If first loss

"B" Division
(Winner`s Bracket)

Sunday Sept 24 2:15pm

1. Swingers

L1.  I'd Hit That

4. Balls Deep

Saturday Sept 23 11:45am

Friday September 22 7pm

6. Sons of Pitches

Saturday Sept 23 3:45pm

3. Sloppy 2nd's

Sunday Sept 24
4pm or 4:45pm

D. Just the Tip

L3. My Blues

(11. Smokin Aces

1. Smokin Aces

(7. Swingers

2. Dirty Ball Bags

L4. Dirty Ball Bags

Sunday Sept 24 11:45am

Saturday Sept 23 9:15am

L3. Just the Tip

(Loser`s Bracket)

(5. Just the Tip

(2. Just the Tip

(7. Smokin Aces

Thursday Sept 21 9:30pm

* Reminder that if spares have not played in 5 or more games they will not qualify for the playoffs and teams cannot pick up spares from other teams*

- The Playoffs will begin Thursday September 21st 2017 and end Sunday September 24th 2017
- Each game is scheduled for 7 innings, but no new inning will be aloud to start after an hour and 5 minutes unless the game is in a tie situation (If that is the situation, it will be considered extra innings and each team will place the next batter in the line up on second base to begin the inning and the game will continue until we have a winner.)
- *NEW this year*, "Battle of the Ages" game Friday 8:30pm-10pm. It will consist of the oldest and youngest guy per team opposing each other and 5 teams will have their youngest girl participate and 5 teams will have their oldest girl participate.

Youngest girl teams are as follows.
I'd hit that
Sons of pitches
Dirty ball bags
Smokin aces
My blues

Oldest girl teams are as follows
Balls deep
Sloppy 2nd's
Just the tip

There will be food (hot dogs and burgers) and refreshments provided around the lunch time on Saturday (11:30am - 2pm)
- Home run derby will be from 1pm to 2:15pm on Saturday. 5$ each for 5 balls and the league donate 50$ towards the winner.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

(5. My Blues 

Sunday Sept 24 3:30pm

(3. Swingers

(2. Screwballs

(6. Swingers

Thursday Sept 21 8:15pm

5. My Blues

L1. Balls Deep

(10. Smokin Aces

(1. Swingers

(1. My Blues

"A" Division
(Winner`s Bracket)

L2. Sons of Pitches

Thursday Sept 21 7pm

(4. Screwballs

Sunday Sept 24 1pm 

Saturday Sept 23 10:30am

Saturday Sept 23 5pm

(8. Dirty Ball Bags

(9. Dirty Ball Bags